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lisocl2 battery lag measures and treatment


MWD battery in the case of a period of storage or non-use, the battery will have a "passive" phenomenon, in LiCl lithium battery anode surface protective film is formed, this layer has an insulating film makes lithium prolonged storage becomes stable, and therefore making the battery voltage delay, according to a phenomenon I developed new battery additives, this voltage hysteresis within a few minutes to return to the peak voltage of 95% when using the battery is installed, the open circuit voltage was measured after loading the load current to the battery soon peak voltage.


1, between positive and negative non-short-circuit the battery charging and reverse polarity.
2, is strictly prohibited discharge, crush, puncture and incinerate
3, can not mix old and new batteries and other types of battery pack mix
4, can not use the battery at ambient temperature outside the permitted range
5, when the battery voltage to the termination, should be promptly removed from the instrument
6. Before using lithium batteries should read the instructions and warnings, in strict accordance with the provisions of operation shall not exceed the nominal targets;
7, plug the protective caps should be properly safeguarded in order to temporarily use without the battery pack or recycle the old battery storage;
8, the use of lithium batteries should make a record, in order to continue to use as the basis